SF Beer Week 2021 Collabs

SF Beer Week 2021 Collabs

Since evolving into a regional guild that united breweries throughout the greater SF Bay Area, the Bay Area Brewers Guild has released official chapter collaboration beers in celebration of SF Beer Week, one for each of its five unique regional craft beer communities: San Francisco, North Bay, East Bay, Silicon Valley and the Coast.

These five unique one-off beers are led by a host brewery and two recipe breweries from each chapter. All five recipes included freshly kilned California-grown malts from Admiral Maltings in Alameda, one of the nation's few traditional artisan floor-malting facilities. And taking a village, these release have drawn directly, or indirectly through supporting dollars, from key trade partners:

These Bay Area Brewers Guild collaboration brews are an annual hallmark of SF Beer Week, expressing the brewers' collective state of mind each February, and honoring the cooperative and creative spirit of the craft beer community.

... and they go FAST.

You can look for them at Admiral Maltings' The Rake, throughout the region at Whole Foods Markets, or at local indie shops like City Beer Store (SF), Taplands (SV), Tiger's Taproom (EB), The Good Hop (EB), Oliver's Markets (NB), Beer Thirty (Coast), etc.

With thanks to all our Collaboration Beer Partners.

Low Hanging Fruit

Hazy IPA

North Bay haze brewed with local malt & bursting with tropical and citrus fruit. 6.9% ABV

North Bay chapter collab ft.:

Fogbelt Brewing Co.
Sonoma Springs Brewing Co.
Pond Farm Brewing

Flipped, Turned Upside Down

Hazy NZ-Hopped IPA

Tropical, citrus packed IPA pairing CA malt and New Zealand hops. 6.3% ABV

Coast chapter collab ft.:

Discretion Brewing Co.
Pacifica Brewery
Fruition Brewing

Crispy Pils Units


The CPU that drives Bay Area brewers is sourced entirely from local ingredients. 5% ABV

Silicon Valley chapter collab ft.:

Camino Brewing Co.
Strike Brewing Co.

Shift Beer

Dry Hopped Blonde

For essential workers after the shift, light, crisp, hoppy, and crushable! 4.8% ABV

San Francisco chapter collab ft.:

Laughing Monk Brewing Co.
Harmonic Brewing Co.
Standard Deviant Brewing Co.

EBB the Beer

Tropical Stout

Roast, chocolate and fruit in this sweet, easy-to-drink stout. 7.1% ABV

East Bay chapter collab ft.:

Ghost Town Brewing
East Brother Beer Co.
Origin Brewer