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What is California Craft Beer Week?

Historically, beer weeks have been a collection of days (usually ten, spanning two weekends) when members of a community hold tasting events, food pairings, festivals, and other activities in celebration of local independent craft beer and breweries.

Employing a different mix of activities, CA Craft Beer Week aims to rekindle those social connections tamped out by Covid, as it raises awareness and support for local businesses and communities.

Online and in neighborhoods across the state, its participants will be serving up playful competitions, special releases, gift & tasting boxes, take-home packages, food & menu pairings, education, and more to be enjoyed alongside live and on-demand online events -- or stand-alone, at home, with family and intimate friends.

Activities and packages are posted by breweries and other local businesses (eg. bars, restaurants, bottleshops, etc.) from throughout the state, but you’ll be able to drill down to your region to see what’s happening in your part of California.

When and what exactly is happening?

February 12-21 will be the primary dates for headlining online events and take-home packages, in addition to the traditional in-person events where possible, but there will be a lot of activity leading up to those dates, including special release boxes, advance pairings & tasting experiences, merch and social media contests, and some fun brewer challenges.

As one example, we’ll be showcasing Valentine’s gift boxes from breweries and local businesses, which could include unique food pairings. Another example is regional tasting boxes, which will be available for pre-sale ahead of a Feb. 12 Opening Night Kick-Off event and feature special releases from some of the best breweries in California.

Look for advance sale packages and initial event listings in early January.

Want to list an event or a craft beer package? Visit the HOST section.

Why are you doing this?

It’s time to lift each other up. Craft beer has never been just about a product. If it were, we wouldn’t have been crushed when our favorite indie breweries were bought by multinational conglomerates. Independent brewers do what they do out of love for community and love of craft.

It’s been proven that local craft breweries play a central role in revitalizing communities -- and we want to be there to do that again once our national nightmare finally ends. We want be there with you, for you, so we’re doing what we do best right now… rallying around each other, supporting each other, and supporting our friends in retail, in food, in music, in art, and in our communities, where our industry is one of the most active fundraisers for local nonprofits of any non-corporate sector.

Especially here in California — home to the most breweries of any state, and world-renowned for its breweries and beer scenes — craft beer matters here, because community matters here. Let’s get that sense of community back.

(And, like you, we could just use some fun and virtual hugs.)

I'd like to do more. How can I support this initiative and small local breweries?

As an individual, consider purchasing an offering from a local craft brewery and trying something from a brewery you may not have tried before. Also, look for a coming fundraiser we'll be holding called Battle of the Guilds. We'll be throwing down a "Zen and the Art of Beer" challenge, where you can take the challenge and/or vote on other people's submissions. Funds raised will go toward helping small breweries, local businesses, and others in our communities hard hit by the Covid shutdowns.

As a business, consider signing up for one of our Supporter Packages, which are sponsorships with a purpose. Contact us for details.

But what about SF Beer Week?

Don’t worry, SF Beer Week is happening as a subset of CCBW, and will be back in its solo glory in 2022, when Covid will hopefully be in our rear view mirrors.

Okay, but what I really want to know is, what about Pliny the Younger?

Yeah, we feel that. While ordering online won’t be the same as the in-person experiences of the past, Pliny the Younger will be making select appearances, here and there -- watch the Russian River website. And remember, the entire crew at Russian River and all California breweries are working hard to keep that indie spirit alive. We all miss the real-world socializing, but on the upside, a lot of amazing California beer will be available for the first time anywhere in the state (including Pliny if you're lucky!) -- making the introduction of California Craft Beer Week most appropriate.


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