Frequently Asked Questions

What is CA Craft Beer Week?

Beer weeks are a collection of days — usually ten, spanning two weekends — when members of a community hold tasting events, food pairings, festivals, and other activities in celebration of local independent craft beer and breweries. In the case of CA Craft Beer Week, the geography and the good times have been extended, pulling together California's amazing craft beer regions and local scenes for a statewide craft love fest that remains true to its core mission of promoting and supporting local businesses and breweries.

What exactly is happening?

CA Craft Beer Week will be showcasing collaborations and events from participating breweries, craft beer bars, restaurants, bottle shops, retailers and community organizations.

Look for all types of events: festivals, release parties, collaborations, pairings, educational programming, live music, comedy, fun and games, fitness and more.

Essentially, we're compiling and highlighting all the great activities breweries and craft-friendly venues in your back yard may be holding as we raise a glass to California's craft brewing industry and its independent spirit.

When is it happening?

July 21-30 are the key dates, though truth be told, we'll be celebrating all month :) This site will stay focused on showcasing happenings at taprooms and other venues on those days, though, and you can look for initial listings to go live near the end of June, with more added every day.

If you're a lover of exploring, sampling and socializing, there'll probably be something happening during CA Craft Beer Week for you, including family fun, fitness, live shows and other events that don't require beer consumption to partake.

Who are you and why are you doing this?

CA Craft Beer Week is organized by regional guilds and the state brewers association:

  • California Craft Brewers Association
  • Bay Area Brewers Guild
  • San Diego Brewers Guild
  • Los Angeles County Brewers Guild
  • Orange County Brewers Guild
  • Sacramento Area Brewers Guild
  • Central Coast Brewers Guild
  • Inland Empire Brewers Guild

As trade associations representing independent craft breweries, we work together on CA Craft Beer Week to remind people of the hard-working small businesses in their backyards, and the amazing contributions they make, creating jobs, keeping money within our communities, fundraising for community organizations and causes, and playing their part to help revitalize local neighborhoods.

What does it cost?

Each event or activity listed is organized by the host, typically the venue where the event is being held. Any fee to attend or participate in an event is determined by that party. Many activities are marked 'Pay as You Go,' meaning they are free to attend, but you pay for any beer and/or food you choose to order. Other activities may require an admission fee, advanced reservation, or a ticket purchase. Still other events may offer free food samples or discounts.

Where do I get tickets for events?

If a venue or event host requires advance ticket purchase or reservations, instructions and/or a link to purchase should be included within the listing.

What if I have questions about an event?

Every listing will include a link to the party responsible for the listing (e.g. the venue or a host who organized/produced the event); it is that party you should contact with questions.

Are children or dogs allowed at CA Craft Beer Week events?

Policies of the individual venues apply. Please contact the venue and/or host directly using the venue link on the listing page.

I want to participate and submit a Listing. What do I do?

A Listing can be purchased for $25 by the licensed party responsible for the activity, typically a pub, restaurant, or other venue, or a brewery when an event is happening in its tasting room. Hosts must be licensed to serve alcohol on their premises, or be a nonprofit that has obtained a temporary license (e.g. special event permit) from the California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control to serve alcohol at its event at a rented premise. For more information, visit the HOST section and review the Listing Guidelines. Note: The deadline to submit a Listing for publication is July 20.

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