CCBW Listing Guidelines

CA Craft Beer Week is bringing together a curated listing of boxes, events and activities from across the state to share our love for craft beer and celebrate the persevering spirit of our craft communities.

CA Craft Beer Week is organized by the Bay Area Brewers Guild in collaboration with the California Craft Brewers Association and regional brewer guilds, but it’s hundreds of local breweries, bars, restaurants, retailers and other venues who we aim to be celebrating and supporting.

This document contains what you need to know to submit a listing, and have your product, activity and venue promoted by, and as part of, CA Craft Beer Week.


  • CA Craft Beer Week offers an opportunity to engage craft beer enthusiasts and reach new customers during slow winter months.
  • Your products and participation in the craft community will be showcased and can benefit from the extended economic energy a statewide initiative like this can generate.
  • Your participation will help put a spotlight on local businesses and buying local, at a time when California communities need it most.
  • Theme-based packages and activities are a great way to re-engage consumers fatigued by the trials of the past year.
  • CA Craft Beer Week provides a framework to share our stories and raise awareness of the essential role small businesses play in reviving communities, if we can make it there.


CA Craft Beer Week is as much community as beer. While craft beer made from independent California breweries must be central to any listing, there's a lot of room to play:


- Collaborate with local businesses or raise awareness of community organizations through a shared activity, take-away bundles, or intermingled products or promotions that establishes a direct connect and allows you to share your audiences.


- Literal or figurative pairings provide a fresh, intriguing, tasty way for consumers to view and partake in your products.


- Get playful! Infuse art, music, fashion, games -- even education -- into activities and product offerings to both expand your audience and engage consumers when they're needing stress relief.


- Celebrate our differences and give voice to inclusivity through uplifting activities that empower and support often disproportionally hit ethnic communities.

Valentine's Day

- a theme that needs no introduction, and one that can equally support both 'for' and 'against' factions.


  • The main component of a listing must be independent California breweries and/or their products
  • Offerings should be something special, QUALITY over quantity, and involve fun activities or offerings that ideally inspire, surprise and excite consumers and/or uplift our communities.
  • Listings centered on discounts, giveaways, binge drinking or that simply seem pedestrian without being connected to CCBW and its themes will NOT get approved.
  • CCBW is a curated list. We reserve the right to reject or remove submissions at our discretion, including but not limited to postings that don't meet our guidelines, contain language or images that may be deemed offensive, discriminatory, inappropriate or violate laws, or that use an image, name or mark without proper authorization.
  • Listings must be submitted in standard sentence formatting. Any listings submitted using ALL CAPS, only lower case, or odd or unusual formatting will not be approved.
  • No one likes reading spammy listings. Keep yours straight forward and the copy clean, meaning NO repeated or excessive exclamation points, highlighting with ALL CAPS, odd punctuation, and so on. Listings will be edited to remove spammy qualities and may be rejected if too over the top. 
  • Titles should not repeat the venue/participant name unless use of the venue/participant name is pertinent to the title (so, please, no "XXXX EVENT at VENUE" in the title, or similar -- in general, the listing is already showcasing the host, main participant and location information.
  • All listings are edited to maintain a consistent copy style and readability across the site. Once an event is approved, the only allowable edits will be material changes, such as a link, date, time or place. Note: Certain fields, including the listing title, get locked down once published and can only be changed by contacting us directly with a request; when doing so, make sure to include the title, location and day of the event you want changed.
  • Hosts may resubmit a rejected listing for approval if the issue with the listing has been rectified.
  • ABC REQUIREMENTS: Only a retail alcohol license holder or, if a special event, a third-party nonprofit can pay for listings it's hosting on the CCBW website. The CA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) dictates that alcoholic beverage manufacturers (breweries), importers, suppliers, wholesalers or distributors cannot submit or pay for listings being held at, or sold by, a retail license holder.


There are two listing types, each $25:

Activities / Events -- broadly, online/virtual events, interactive promotions or campaigns, games, and similar activities (Note: in-person events will only be supported if allowed by your county); and

Offerings / Beer Boxes -- for listing product bundles, tasting boxes and similar packages, available for pickup, local delivery or shipped.


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